Let's meet Gillie's family & friends

Gillie spends most of her time looking for Toad, who often gets lost! They are the best of friends and always work through tricky situations together. Gillie especially LOVES carrots and anything containing them. Her favourite treats are Grandma's carrot cookies!




Toad is Gillie's best friend. They enjoy lots of adventures together. Toad is ALWAYS getting lost, or falls asleep somewhere. He lives in a little house hidden under a bush in Grandma's garden. His favourite food is Strawberries!




Frances is a fun little fox. She LOVES to paint and is VERY good at it. She lives with her Daddy and likes to help him as much as she can. Her best friend is Gillie, they have lots of fun adventures together and enjoy playing in grandma's garden! Her favourite colour is Yellow!

Barry is very shy. He likes to spend time helping his dad fix things. He is best friends with Frances, and they have lots of fun playing with toys and skateboards. He is very good at playing a guitar and is very good at maths. Barry's favourite colour is Blue.





Grandma LOVES gardening and spends most of her time in her lovely big garden. She is very good at baking, especially carrot cookies. She is also very good at making Toads favourite homemade lemonade. Grandma spends lots of time with Gillie and Toad, and they have lots of fun! 


Gillie's Grandpa is very funny. He is always losing his glasses and often has to ask Toad and Gillie to help him find them again. He likes to build things in his garden shed. Grandpa's favourite food is Grandma's Carrot Stew and dumplings. He is good friends with Mr Badger. 





Gillie's Daddy is a very fun and happy rabbit. He likes to play hide and seek with Gillie and often loses his car keys. Daddy's favourite food is pizza, and he like the colour brown. 


Mummy Rabbit is always on the go and very busy. She works long hours but likes to spend all her spare time with Gillie and Grandma. She is very clever at making things and often makes clothes for Gillie and Frances. 


Ozzy Owl

Ozzy Owl lives high up in the oak tree. He is VERY clever and is Gillie's School teacher. He is very good at teaching maths and often shows the children how to learn new things. His favourite hobby is reading and he loves to wear waistcoats over his shiny brown feathers!


Brother Bon

Bon is Gillie's older brother. He is a teenager. He likes listening to music and helping his dad around the house. He looks after Gillie and likes to help her if she gets stuck with things. Bon is very good at skateboarding and likes to play the drums. His favourite food is noodles!

Herbie Hedgehog

Herbie is a very fun little hedgehog. He lives with Mr & Mrs Ferret as he has no mummy and daddy. His favourite colour is RED. He really likes to visit Gillie at her Grandma's as he LOVES her carrot cookies! He is good friends with Toad and likes to play fetch with him. 


Kirsty Kitten

Kirsty kitten loves singing and dancing. She likes to make up dances, and likes to show Frances and Gillie. She is scared of bugs and often runs away from them in Gillies Grandma's garden. Her best friend is Herbie Hedgehog. 

Mrs Cat

Mrs Cat is Kirsty's mummy. She is a school teacher and teaches Gillie and her friends how to paint, cook and make things. She is a very relaxed cat and likes to spend time relaxing outdoors. She also cares very much about the environment. Her favourite colour is purple.  


Daddy Badger

Mr Badger is Barry's dad. He helps everyone and often looks after Gillie and Frances. He is VERY good at building things and can often be found fixing things for Gillie's parents and friends. Mr Badger is very good at playing instruments and likes to make music. 


Daddy Fox

Mr Fox is very clever and is the doctor. He looks after everyone when they are poorly. His favourite thing to do, is to spend time with his little girl Frances. His favourite colour is Green and likes to eat lots of fruit!